Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Great magazine find!

There was a yard sale of sorts at a local university the other day held by their theater department. I didn't think I'd find too much I would like, given that there are only a handful of stage productions I like. But HOORAY for me there was a goldmine of classic hollywood swag!

One of my favorite purchases was a magazine from the summer of 1971 called "Screen Greats: Hollywood Nostalgia." There are a TON of pictures inside of classic film stars and a where-are-they-now type of approach where they have some photos of those same film stars in the present day.

Greta Garbo....

Barbara Stanwyck...

Jimmy Stewart....

Rosalind Russell...

Joan Crawford and Betty Davis...

Slick article on June Allyson and Mae West... Good Girl, Bad Girl!

I'll upload more photos of this mag as I pore through it! :)



  1. great find, VV! ...of course, ya know who I'm looking for, but it's cool to see what's there... I've bought a few 'old Hollywood mags', with ginger in 'em, of course, but there's also a heap of other cool articles...I need to crank those out as well.

    KIG, VV!!!


  2. Hey VKM! There was a little blurb about Ginger Rogers in this mag, more about her partnership with Fred Astaire, but I will be sure to snap a pic and post it just for you :)

  3. Hey sweetie! Hope you`ll visit my blog and maybe...we can follow each other?:X


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