Thursday, February 18, 2010

Kathryn Grayson 1922-2010

Kathryn Grayson passed away yesterday at the age of 88.

"Trained as an opera singer from the age of twelve, Grayson was contracted to MGM and established a career in films from the early 1940s. Most of her films were musicals and after several supporting roles, she was given lead roles in such films as Show Boat (1951) and Kiss Me Kate (1953). " - From Wikipedia.

One thing that I had not known about Kathryn Grayson before was that she performed in many operas, including La Traviata which is my personal favorite. I am a huge lover of opera, and finding this about Ms. Grayson gives her another little soft spot in my heart.

Rest in peace, darling, and thank you for your lovely contributions to this world.


  1. Rest in peace. I had no idea that she was trained at such an early age. She was so amazing and beautiful.

  2. A beautiful woman, to be sure! VERY nice tribute! Devoting yourself to a life in the public eye can be more of a sacrifice than most realize.

  3. As a kid I allways thought Snow White would have her looks..

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