Thursday, January 14, 2010

Ginger Rogers: My Story - Full of Juicy Tidbits!

I'm currently reading this autobiography and am enjoying it immensely!! I've always been a big Ginger fan, but this book has officially without a doubt sealed that deal.

One of the things that I'll admit I love reading about is the super juicy gossip from back in that day! For example, apparently both Judy Garland and Katherine Hepburn were quite le bitches to Ginger Rogers. Judy once invited Ginger to a so-called cocktail party at her house. Ginger gets there and no one but the nanny is home, and she never heard from Judy again until years later. There were a bunch of rotten things Katherine Hepburn said/did but the one that has stuck out from the book so far was Ginger had just bought a new fur coat (btw I abhor the killing of animals for fashion!) and Katherine dumped a glass of water on her and said "If it's real fur it won't shrink!"

Another tasty tidbit I learned that I was super happy to was about Fred Astaire. Most of the things I had read up until this time about their relationship, from their own words, was that they were just dancing partners, just professional, etc. You know how you always have that desire as a fan to see the couple up on screen pair up in real life? So of course I was always disappointed that hadn't been the case, which for the most part is true. HOWEVER. Before Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire were ever "Fred and Ginger" they met on the Broadway circuit. And Fred asked Ginger out on a date. And they had a great time. And they ended up making out for 5 minutes in the back of his car. YOWZA! That was fun to read about. :)


  1. Oh wow!

    How could Judy & Kate been so mean??? Ginger always seemed like such a sweetheart!

    And I too read about that story between her & Fred; Yowza is correct.

    I think I'd like to read this for myself. Thanks :)

  2. This looks like a good read based on your review. Love your blog!

  3. Harleylove ~ I KNOW right?! I mean I'm sure Ginger probably put in her fair share of cattiness, but still from what I'm reading about what they did to her it's nowhere near deserving! There was another bit about how Ginger bought Katherine Hepburn a brooch for her birthday or something, and she never heard back from her about it. Then years later she asked about whatever happened to that pin and Hepburn dismissed it like oh that I gave that away to someone or something. Yeesh!

    Bonjour Madame ~ Bonjour! :) Thanks for the compliment and yes I do believe this is a good read and you'd like it. :) There is a period she lives in Paris as one of her husbands was French, so that part might definitely interest you! xoxoxo! :)

  4. Wow! I can't wait to get this one! I can't believe they were so mean to her. This is already on my wishlist, but I may have to push it up to the top!

  5. That is so cool! That sounds like a really cool biography to read about- I should get it!

  6. ...Ginger's bio was on my shelf long before I really became a big fan of hers...I actually found it a LONG time ago at a 'outlet' bookstore for like, $5... I had seen a few of her movies, and the cover ('original' edition is silver with 'Ginger' in pink, with her dancing across...) just caught me enough to buy it... I read it a time or two over the years, but didn't think too much about it. Then, Christmas 2008, on a 'whim', I purchased the Ginger/Fred movie box set, since my little girl takes dancing, and thought she would like to see 'the best' in action... of course, MY ulterior motive was just to see Ginger - and the rest is history, resulting in Gingerology!
    But all that to say, this book is REALLY a great read - it has so many cool stories and pictures! She had such a 'full' life...just wish she could have cranked out a few more volumes! Was she perfect? well, no... but generally it seemed she would be pretty easy to work with, and was a 'trooper' as far as getting a scene right no matter the cost... and if she was 'aloof' on occasion, well, heck - she was a movie star! You HAVE to be that way somewhat, or you will never get any peace!
    OK - well, in summary... BUY THIS BOOK!!! :-)

  7. I was never crazy about Hepburn, so I'm not surprised.

    I've got to read this one, Ginger's one of my big favorites.