Friday, January 8, 2010

My new favorite voice

Jo Stafford. Just wow!

I had never really heard of her up until recently when one of her tunes rotated in to my 1920's Radio Network station. That voice is just perfect to me, not too shrill or operatic like some of her day. Not that I have anything again opera, I actually adore it and am a big fan, but when you're listening to certain songs it just doesn't do the trick. Jo Stafford has that perfect pure and creamy voice, in my opinion, and I'm surprised I hadn't been aware of her career before.

She started her career in the 30's and even delved into comedy work, for which she won a Grammy in 1961 for Best Comedy Album. I also admire her for having toured quite a bit with the USO to entertain troops overseas, and she even earned the nickname "G.I. Jo". CUTE!

She died just a couple of years ago, on July 16, 2008. I'm so glad I got to hear her voice, and now even have a Jo Stafford Station on my Pandora going! If you've never heard her stuff definitely check it out. Here is a video of a song she sang called "No Other Love." This song caught me as it's the melody of one of my favorite classical pieces "Etude Op.10, No.3 - Tristesse" by Chopin.



  1. This is a great song! I first heard of her while listening to some classic old time radio shows where she was a guest star. I love her voice; no one sung "You Belong to Me", better in my opinion. And I was surprised to learn about her comedy work; that's so interesting!

  2. I agree Tom, "You Belong to Me" has never been done better than by she. :)

  3. I love Jo Stafford as well! I sing jazz mostly in my car, but I'm trying to get some local gigs. She's one of my biggest vocal inspirations, along with Peggy Lee. I recommend listening to Kay Star. She mostly did early western swing, but she also did an album of standards. She is still alive, and I would kill to meet her, especially since she lives here in Oklahoma with me.
    Love your blog!

  4. Yeah, Kay sang, "The Wheel of Fortune". I love that song! "While the wheel is turning turning turning...I'll be yearning yearning"...

  5. Thanks Maggie! I will have to check out Kay Star, and am SO impressed you are a singer! :) That's a talent that God did NOT bless me with haha.

    Tom - I will find The Wheel of Fortune for my first Kay song! :)

  6. "Wheel Of Fortune" was originally recorded on Atlantic by the R&B group the Cardinals. Kay always had a bit of the blues in her voice, dating back to her earliest records in the 1940s.

    Jo Stafford was a splendid vocalist. My favorite record of hers is "Make Love To Me," an old 1920s jazz tune given lyrics. The arrangement on Stafford's record is pure Mitch Miller (sigh), but Jo transcends its triteness with her lively swing.